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Turn to Me by Becky Wade is the third book in the Misty River Romance series. I have been blessed to be on the launch team for all three of the full-length novels, and I completely fell in love with the town of Misty River and its incredible inhabitants. If you’re looking for a series to make you swoon, challenge your faith, and make you snicker out loud, Misty River should be your next vacation destination!

Here’s More About the Book:

His promise will cost him far more than he imagined. Guilt has defined Luke Dempsey’s life, but it was self-destructiveness that landed him in prison. When his friend and fellow inmate lay dying shortly before Luke’s release, the older man revealed he left a string of clues for his daughter, Finley, that will lead her to the treasure he’s hidden. Worried that she won’t be the only one pursuing the treasure, he gains Luke’s promise to protect her until the end of her search. Spunky and idealistic, Finley Sutherland is the owner of an animal rescue center and a defender of lost causes. She accepts Luke’s help on the treasure hunt while secretly planning to help him in return–by coaxing him to embrace the forgiveness he’s long denied himself. As they draw closer to the final clue, their reasons for resisting each other begin to crumble, and Luke realizes his promise will push him to the limit in more ways than one. He’ll do his best to shield Finley from unseen threats, but who’s going to shield him from losing his heart.

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My Review

Turn to Me is the third and final installment of Becky Wade’s Misty River Romance series. Having devoured the other books in the series, I was looking forward to getting to know the elusive and reclusive member of the Miracle Five, Luke Dempsey. He’s a dark, broody man–one who harbors heaps of guilt and shame. And yet, he makes a perfect hero–handsome, loyal, and fiercely protective. His bad-boy persona is merely a cover for his soft heart.

In this opposites-attract story, Finley is the perfect person to get under Luke’s skin. Becky does a fabulous job (like usual) of having witty, meaningful, and genuine dialogue. I don’t know how many times I was asked to explain why I was giggling while looking at my phone. It wasn’t because of some cat video–it was the banter between Finley and Luke. I kept cheering on The Restoration of Luke so I could witness his dead-pan one-word responses to her flowery invitations of change.

I was so glad Turn to Me also gave Ben another chance at love. I love Ben (who doesn’t?), but I will confess that my excitement in reading more of his story meant more time with his mom Cece. She. Is. The. Best. Painfully honest and bold in her extension of love to others, especially those who need it most. I’d love to sit at her dining room table one day!

While the chemistry between Finley and Luke kept me smiling through most of the story, like most of Becky’s books, this story had some hard issues to work through. Guilt. Shame. Grief. Redemption. Goodness, the tears flowed as Luke fought hard against the truth. I hope we all have a Finley in our life who sees us the way our Creator does, loves us through the pain, and points us to the Truth. The inspirational arc of this book was so powerful and challenging, it made the story infinitely more meaningful outside its pages.

Overall, Turn to Me was a fabulous story. Contemporary romance fans, like those of Courtney Walsh, will enjoy this novel (and the entire series!) I highly recommend this book to any Christian fiction fan.

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Q & A with Becky Wade

Q: Turn to Me is a contemporary romance novel, but it also has a mystery thread. What challenges did you experience when incorporating both of these elements into your story?

A: Balance was a challenge! I consider myself a romance writer first and foremost. So, on one hand, I didn’t want the mystery to overshadow the love story. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoy driving the plot of my stories forward with a big story question. In Turn to Me the story question is, “What’s waiting at the end of the treasure hunt?” I ended up using that question as the tie that binds Finley and Luke together long enough for them to fall in love.

Q: Through the experiences of your male protagonist, Luke Dempsey, this story engages themes of redemption and letting go of what is behind us. Can you elaborate on that?

Luke’s younger brother died when he was fourteen and, ever since, he’s blamed himself. His guilt and grief set him on a path of rebellious self-destruction until, eventually, he landed in prison. When Turn to Me begins, he’s been out of prison for months and he’s determined to make a new, clean start. The events of the novel give him both an opportunity to meet the God of redemption and to release the guilt that has strangled him for so long.

Get to know more about Becky and the characters from Turn to Me at her Author Chat Party on Facebook May 10th!

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The party will take place on Becky’s Facebook page.

Sneak Peek into Turn to Me:

She considered Luke, lining up what she saw before her with what she knew of his past.

Once upon a time, a group of middle school kids had survived more than a week buried in the rubble of an earthquake that had struck while they were on a mission trip in South America. They’d become known as the Miracle Five, and they were Misty River’s best-known and best-loved sons and daughters.

Luke was one of the five.

Almost twenty years had come and gone since that fateful earthquake. The former middle school kids were all adults now, and Luke remained the most reclusive of the five. After their rescue, he’d immediately retreated from the spotlight and never consented to interviews or public appearances.

The other four had gone on to become successful. Natasha MacKenzie, an attorney and mother. Genevieve Woodward, Natasha’s sister, a Bible study author. Ben Coleman, high school teacher. Sebastian Grant, pediatric heart surgeon.

The day Luke had turned eighteen, he’d dropped out of high school and left home. He’d worked for a chop shop in Atlanta until he’d been arrested for stealing a car and sent to prison.

It didn’t take much intuition to discern why Luke had gone off the rails while the other four were living constructive lives. The earthquake had resulted in two thousand fatalities, but only one Misty River resident had died.

His name had been Ethan. He’d been twelve years old. And he was Luke’s younger brother.

Finley had moved to this town after college, so she’d had no interaction with Luke when he was young. But everyone who’d known him then agreed that he’d been a golden boy before his brother’s death. The natural disaster had ripped from Luke both his brother and his promising future.

And now she was struggling to absorb the realization that this injured, complicated, infamous man knew about her birthday treasure hunt. Even though Luke was hard as slate, he was also, apparently, compassionate enough to grant her father’s dying wish. Which was that Luke . . . protect her?

From what?

She’d been envisioning the hunt as a very personal journey between herself and her father. Perfectly safe, just like all the prior hunts. Resistance was pushing upward inside her at the idea of embarking on this hunt with a stranger.

Gradually, though, an opposing force matched and then surpassed her resistance.

The tug to rehabilitate.

Luke Dempsey was a tragic and thorny case. Many would say he was a lost cause.

Thing was, she had a soft spot for lost causes. It ran contrary to her nature to abandon any creature to its lostness. Over the years, she’d come face to face with numerous ferocious animals. Dogs who’d been beaten. Feral cats. Unbroken horses. There’d even been the memorable case of one very angry raccoon.

So many times she’d sensed, at the deepest level, that God had entrusted a certain wounded creature to her care.

That’s exactly how she felt now. About Luke.

Not a single one of her past “lost causes” had remained a lost cause. No one—no animal or person on earth—was beyond redemption. If she and Luke worked together here at Furry Tails and on her treasure hunt, she’d have double the opportunity to assist in the Restoration of Luke.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about Becky Wade’s newest release, Turn to Me. Becky is running a fabulous giveaway to celebrate the launch of the book. You can enter on Becky’s website here.

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