Book Review: The Awakening of Miss Adelaide and a Giveaway!

Hello, again, readers!

My newest read is set at the end of World War I and touches on profound topics of the time, such as women suffrage and treatment of those in mental health institutions (or those who were forced there!)

The book is full of interesting facts, but don’t miss Linda Brooks Davis’s extra below detailing how some of the ideas for the book came about. It’s crazy to think of how women were treated not too long ago.

And don’t miss the link to the giveaway at the end!

About the Book

Book: The Awakening of Miss Adelaide

Author: Linda Brooks Davis

Genre: Historical

Release Date: July, 2019

The Awakening of Miss Adelaide

Orphaned as an infant, Oklahoma heiress Adelaide Fitzgerald has enjoyed every advantage. She possesses a unique gift for music and has excelled on the opera stage in Italy. As a philanthropist, she’s adored from America to Europe.

But Miss Adelaide is about to awaken in a 1918 nightmare. The Great War—and the Great Influenza—knock, and Adelaide finds her uninvited guests more than unwelcome. They threaten her life and alter her identity and purpose.

Snatched from a quiet life in an Italian villa, Miss Adelaide is thrust into conflicts others have created. What battle scars will she sustain? And where will love lead her?

In The Awakening of Miss Adelaide, war and peace, laughter and heartache, love and loss come together to ignite a fresh fire that reveals one woman’s hidden needs and potentials. 

What will gaining a fresh understanding of herself require of the Angel of the Opera?

Click here to grab your copy!

My Thoughts

The Awakening of Miss Adelaide is full of such rich history. Beginning with the final throes of World War I and the terrifying influenza epidemic, the story touches on important topics of the time–like women’s suffrage and the treatment of mental health patients. If you love being immersed in history, then Miss Adelaide’s story won’t disappoint!

I also enjoyed the different settings in the book, especially Villa Romano, in Italy. The author paints a beautiful picture of the estate, and I wish I could walk its hills and hear the sights and sounds of the community within its walls.

Miss Adelaide (or Addie) was an exceptional woman to get to know throughout the book. As so many people during that time in history, she was witness to many life-changing events. War. Sickness. Death. Injustice. No wonder she had so many doubts about herself and her faith. It was a little frustrating sometimes when she wavered about her future. She deserved to find her happiness, love, home and family. But she is often unsure of what her purpose truly is.

I loved her sense of truth and justice, and how she wasn’t willing to put her own desires ahead of what was right in the eyes of God. 

The other characters in the book are also well developed and unforgettable. Brady is a true hero–willing to sacrifice himself for others on and off the battlefield. And although we know he was a rugged cowboy in the past, we get to see him as the broken man coming home from war. His healing journey was encouraging, and I loved to see a soldier be vulnerable about what they’ve been through. It shows how tender Brady’s heart is.

Overall, I enjoyed the history of the book, and I loved how the story twisted toward the end. Such danger and mystery! It was a pleasure to see the transformation and maturation of Miss Adelaide as she tried to find God’s will in her life. 

I was provided a copy of the book from Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

Linda Brooks Davis

Linda Brooks Davis was born and reared, educated, and married in Texas. Her children and six grandchildren were born in Texas. She devoted the bulk of her 40 years as a special educator in Texas schools. But her mother and grandmother hailed from Oklahoma, the setting for Linda’s 2015 debut novel, The Calling of Ella McFarland, which won the 2014 Jerry Jenkins Operation First Novel Award and the 2016 American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award. Linda continues to write from her home in San Antonio, Texas. She and her beloved husband Al worship and minister at Oak Hills Church. Linda enjoys chatting with readers through her website

More from Linda

Awakening Miss Adelaide begins with my mother’s cedar chest, which bore an unwritten warning: Hands off! Priceless treasures resided in its depths. My parents’ wedding suits. An old tattered quilt. Mother’s felt hat with a jaunty feather at the rolled-up grim. Bible notes. A stained tablecloth. Equally stained ladies’ handkerchiefs. And old, crocheted, scorched pot holders.

My paternal great-grandmother wrote letters and created intricate, painstaking handwork while she was committed to an asylum in Terrell, Texas. They represent the dearest items in the cedar chest.

Incalculable are the times over the years when a family member would comment Great-granny didn’t appear insane at all. I often wondered how it was she resided at a state mental hospital from 1900 until her death in 1948. How could an insane person write coherent letters and create such handwork?

Mystery shrouds those answers as surely as Great-grandmother herself.

Family legend developed around her. Stories varied from “She wasn’t crazy. Her husband wanted to get rid of her” to “She was an Indian who chose the name McFarland to avoid White bias against the indigenous people.” The truth hides somewhere amid the deadfall of her tragic life.

Sometimes research for a novel can feel like digging up bones. In a way, it is.

One such “bone” I got my teeth around and refused to let go was an article in a 1913 edition of Fort Worth Star-Telegram. It described a murder committed in the lobby of the Metropolitan Hotel. This violent act occurred in connection with an adulterous affair.

Consequently, heightened emotions, lowered common sense, and the control males exerted over females resulted in one man’s murder and the murderer’s acquittal. The “offending” woman’s husband dragged her home kicking and screaming and committed her to a mental asylum for “emotional insanity.”

wondered if the “offending” man had been treated in like manner. Hardly.

How could I NOT include this morass in a novel?

Someone ought to write a book about that was often said around our family reunions. My interest in doing just that developed little by little over the years. The Women of Rock Creek series deals with some of the ways in which women were denied equal rights when they were denied the vote. Such realities presented an ideal platform for illustrating some women’s plight in the hands of unscrupulous men–inequality in education, the courtroom, and even in mental health care.

With an abundance of love and respect for my great-grandmother; her daughter, my grandmother; and her grandson, my father, I offer this imaginary story. It contrasts two different women: one with a voice heard around the world and the other with no voice at all.

offer The Awakening of Miss Adelaide to the Lord to do with it as He sees fit. May this story inspired by the agony experienced by my great-grandmother serve to lighten someone else’s load.

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Jessie and James Book Review and a Giveaway!

I’m not sure about your neck of the woods, but summer is winding down in these parts. Back to school is the talk of the town, and we are gearing up to send our oldest kiddo to preschool for the first time (sigh). There will be tears! (Mama’s tears!)

And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t get hardly anything done on my summer to do list. We haven’t even gone on vacation yet! I’ve stayed on pace to get my two books read a month, but I was hoping to sneak in a few extras!

If you are looking to round out your summer TBR pile and you’re on the hunt for a lighthearted, good time, I suggest you check out my full review of Jessie and James below. It is full of laugh-out-loud moments, sweet romance, armed robbers and…unearthing something more precious than gold.

About the Book

Book: Jessie and James

Author: Jennifer Beckstrand

Genre: Western Historical Inspirational Romance

Release Date: July 24, 2019

BECKSTRAND_Jessie _James

Jessie Madsen has her hands full helping her parents run their small farm and boarding house while every fortune-seeker in the country seems to be flocking to her small town in search of gold. It’s bad enough that claim jumpers won’t quit trespassing on her property, but geologist James Kelsey, mildly intriguing and surprisingly handsome for an Easterner, seems more interested in her than the mining business. Jessie is certain she doesn’t have the time or the need for a man, and after getting her heart broken, she has resolved never to fall for an outsider again. Add stolen cash, a fast-talking con man, and a pair of bandits, and Jessie is indeed up to her eyeballs in trouble. Will she soften her rock-hard exterior and let the geologist discover the hidden treasure in her heart?

Click here to grab your copy!

My Thoughts

Jessie and James is a quirky, witty story of a woman who resists change and a man who would welcome a change in fortune. It’s a fun, lighthearted read, and I fully enjoyed it.

The saucy banter between Jessie and James is one of my favorite parts of the book and will have you laughing out loud (beware if you are reading at work!). They may be opposites in personality, but they complement each other well.

James is always the gentleman, and I loved how he treated everyone (unless they pointed a gun at him) with his big heart. And I loved how he counteracted Jessie’s resistance with either charm or pure sarcasm. It made the growth of their relationship quite entertaining!

Jessie is a little rough around the edges, and her stubbornness can gnaw at your patience. But I loved watching her let down her guard for James and being honest and vulnerable for him. She made quite a transformation as she found a way to heal her heart (with God’s help). 

Overall, I thought the book was a fun story from beginning to end. If you like historical fiction on the western frontier with a little romance, then this book is for you!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

Jennifer beckstrand

Jennifer Beckstrand is the two-time RITA-nominated, #1 Amazon bestselling Amish romance author of The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hillseries, The Honeybee Sistersseries, and The Petersheim Brothersseries for Kensington Books. Huckleberry Summer and Home on Huckleberry Hill were both nominated for the coveted RITA® Award from Romance Writers of America. Jennifer has always been drawn to the strong faith and the enduring family ties of the Plain people and loves writing about the antics of Anna and Felty Helmuth, the Honeybee sisters’aendiBitsy, and Alfie and Benji Petersheim. Jennifer has written twenty-one Amish romances, a historical Western, and the nonfiction book, Big Ideas. She and her husband have been married for thirty-four years, and she has six children and seven adorable grandchildren, whom she spoils rotten.

More from Jennifer

Jessie and James is my first published Western historical novel, and I couldn’t be more excited. The first book I ever wrote was a historical Western, and I’ve been wanting to write another one for ten years. (That first Western is still hanging around my house somewhere. I might decide to publish it next. J) For my research, I traveled to a real mining town about two hours from my house. Yes, it really is named Eureka, and it was a boomtown in the 1880s, the period in which my book is set. I met an old-timer in Eureka who told me some fascinating stories about mining then and now.

Did you know that you may own the ground your house sits on, but you only own it to sixty feet deep? So a mining company can come in and dig a mine right under your house, and it’s perfectly legal. Many mines were dug straight down or in any direction that would get them to ore faster. In the 1880s in Eureka, often they’d dig straight down using only picks, shovels, and dynamite. A plumb bob was utilized to make sure their tunnels were straight up and down. They usually dug down 600 feet then drifted horizontally a couple hundred feet, then dug down again. Some mines went deeper than 1800 feet. Nowadays, there aren’t many mines that deep. They’re more dangerous, so they’re too expensive to insure.

In Jessie and James, James is an ex-cowboy turned geologist looking for gold. Jessie is a feisty, independent woman who runs a boarding house with her parents and thinks Eureka needs a little more fire-and-brimstone preaching to keep the incorrigible miners in line. Jessie doesn’t want anything to do with a gold digger, and she’s willing to use her shotgun to run James off. But James doesn’t scare that easy, especially when the woman on the other end of that shotgun might turn out to be the love of his life.

Jessie and James is full of shotguns, bandits, and heart-stopping romance. Don’t miss it!

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Book Review: Midnight on the River Grey and a Giveaway!

One of the best parts about volunteering to read books to help promote Christian fiction, is discovering all the different genres I enjoy. Midnight on the River Grey is a gothic-type novel written in the Regency era. Gothic novels are often dark. They may have haunted halls, people suffering from various mental ailments (madness/hysteria) or nightmares, brooding men or men with secrets. It sounds a bit depressing, right? And doesn’t it all sound so….DARK?

But, oh, this book is far from dull and abysmal. It is such a twisty, suspenseful mystery, I think you will find the gothic style a perfect fit for story well. Read on to discover more about the book, find my full review and read an excerpt!

And don’t forget about the giveaway at the end where you could win your very own copy!

About the Book

Book: Midnight on the River Grey

Author: Abigail Wilson

Genre: Historical Romance/Mystery

Release date: July 2, 2019

Midnight on the River Grey

Abigail Wilson returns to Regency England with another tale of murder, mystery, and romance.

After her elder brother’s mysterious death, Rebecca Hunter vows to expose the man she believes responsible-Mr. Lewis Browning-known by the locals as the Midnight Devil and by Rebecca as her new guardian. He alone was on the bridge that fateful night and openly admits striking her brother with his horse, but he claims he remembers little else.

Summoned to his reclusive country estate to await her London season, Rebecca plans her own secret investigation. Yet, Lewis Browning is not as she once imagined, and his motivation is horribly unclear. Recurrent nightmares and Rebecca’s restless feelings are further complicated by the shadow of her mother’s prior descent into madness and whether she too will follow the same heartbreaking path.

Even as midnight rides, strange injuries, and further murders lead back to Lewis, Rebecca can’t ignore the subtle turn of her heart. Has she developed feelings for the man she swore to see hanged? And moreover, can she trust him with her uncertain future?

Click here to grab your copy.

About the Author


Abigail Wilson combines her passion for Regency England with intrigue and adventure to pen historical mysteries with a heart. A Registered Nurse, chai tea addict, and mother of two crazy kids, Abigail fills her spare time hiking the National Parks, attending her daughter’s gymnastic meets, and curling up with a great book. In 2017, Abigail won WisRWA’s Fab Five contest and in 2016, ACFW’s First Impressions contest as well as placing as a 2017 finalist in the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense. She is a cum laude graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and currently lives in Dripping Springs, Texas, with her husband and children. Connect with Abigail at; Instagram: acwilsonbooks; Facebook: ACWilsonbooks; Twitter: @acwilsonbooks.

An excerpt from Midnight on the River Grey

My heartbeat turned sluggish as an ache swelled in the back of my throat. This man—the person responsible for my brother’s death—expected me to live with him? In his house? Madness.

“And if we refuse?”

“I’m afraid there is little choice in the matter at this point. The arrangements are already complete.”

Mr. Browning narrowed his blue eyes, scrutinizing me, no doubt, as the numbing shock of his declaration faded to resignation across my face. He sighed. “I do realize Greybourne Hall might hold unfortunate associations for you—”

“Unfortunate?” My voice came out a bit louder than I’d expected. “Is that what you choose to call it?”

He gave a sideways glance at Aunt Jo then returned to me, a pained look hovering about his eyes. His voice, however, remained firm. “Forgive me if I startled you. I hadn’t expected such a violent reaction to what I assumed was the logical next step. Perhaps I should make myself a bit clearer.” He gave a curt sigh. “I only intend for you to stay at Greybourne Hall till some place more suitable can be arranged. Unfortunately, there are few options at present.”

Ice enveloped my heart. I had no wish to travel to, let alone live at that dreadful house, not even for a single night. In his letters, Jacob had described the rambling structure as a gray pile of stones fit for vampires, or worse. I could only image Mr. Browning, this dark-headed devil before me, at home in such a place.

My Thoughts

Midnight on the River Grey swept me away with the heavy current of mystery, deception, and madness. Who could I believe? What clues could be trusted? I was left guessing until the end! It was one of those books where you can hardly put it down, but you don’t want it to end. Yet–you must know what happens next!!

This is only the second book I’ve read in the gothic-type style. The darkness of Greybourne hall, an intruder lurking like a ghost within the estate, and episodes of madness are all typical qualities of the genre. The first person narrative can take some getting used to, but it is a great tool to keep secrets, as we only get to ‘live’ in one person’s mind (Rebecca).

Speaking of Rebecca Hunter, I loved her spunk and her quick wit. More than once, she was able to put others in their place while still maintaining a polite tone to the conversation. But it was her fortitude to discover the truth about her brother’s death despite her deepest fears lurking in the shadows of Greybourne Hall that really endeared me to her. I wanted her to find peace both in the mystery surrounding her brother’s death and in her own troubles.

Mr. Lewis Browning is so intricately entangled in the dark mysteries of the book, I wasn’t sure if it was safe to like him. But just as he is able to soften Rebecca’s heart, he will soften yours as well. You will be drawn to the quiet, yet confident man who keeps his emotions well guarded and his work often hidden in the dark of night. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From the very beginning, I appreciated the well-developed characters. And as I delved into the meat of the mystery, I got wonderfully lost in the pages for hours. The romance is not at the forefront but is still satisfying for romance lovers like me. It is a genuine connection, and will warm your heart.

If you enjoy Regency-era novels, Gothic novels, Christian suspense and mystery, then you’ll enjoy this book from front to back.

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Book Review: The Express Bride

Living close to the city of origin for the Pony Express during my childhood, I fully confess my fascination with the short-lived venture, which most people don’t know was a giant failure financially. As a girl, I loved the idea of racing across the country on horseback delivering letters and small parcels. It was a wild, dangerous and exciting job–filled by young men who were light enough to push the horses to their fastest speeds.

The terrain that was covered, the weather that was endured and the danger that was avoided (for the most part) are still baffling. 

When I was much younger, I fell in love with a TV show about the Pony Express and a young woman who disguised herself as a boy in order to ride for the company. I might have even cut my hair short like hers, which was a big deal considering my hair was well down my back, and I remember my mom making me a brown/black reversible vest that I could be seen wearing constantly. How I wanted to be a Pony rider!

So, when I read the back cover of The Express Bride, I knew I wanted to join the adventure. How could I turn down anything associated with the Express? And what a suspenseful story of lost identities, criminal escapades, and espionage! This book will grip you from the beginning and keep you guessing until the very end. Keep reading to learn more about The Express Bride and to find my full review.

About the Book

The Wilderness Is a Great Place to Hide

Isn’t this a beautiful cover?

Jacqueline Rivers manages a Pony Express station in 1860 Utah territory after her father’s death. There are daily stresses placed on her in this unconventional role—and now a government official is asking her to sniff out counterfeiters. When Elijah Johnson passes through on the stage while on an exhausting quest to find his boss’s heir, he doesn’t want to leave the beguiling station manager. In fact, he may never leave when caught in the crossfire of the territory’s criminal activities. Jackie can’t decide if Elijah is friend or foe. Can she remain strong when secrets of the past and present are finally unearthed?

Join the adventure as the Daughters of the Mayflower series continues with The Express Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse.

Get your copy here.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the suspenseful pace of the book and the tangled web of family secrets, budding relationships, and dangerous circumstances. It was difficult to leave the book for long without wondering what clue Elijah or Jackie would find next in their quest to find the truth.

The cast of characters is unforgettable, and one of my favorite parts of the story was the family-like atmosphere of the station house. The young men of the Pony Express fit perfectly with Jackie and her motherly care of the boys. Their easy banter and care for each other made me wish I could sit at their table and try Jackie’s biscuits and gravy!

Jackie is a heroine I adore. Practical. Compassionate. Hard-working. Honest. It was just as easy to visualize her sitting in the parlor keeping company as it was sitting astride a horse and racing across the land to the next express stop. 

Elijah is a kind and honest gentleman and his quiet adoration of Jackie is endearing. His consideration of her feelings over his own satisfaction makes him all the more attractive. You will find yourself rooting for him as you get to know him.

Overall, I thought the story was gripping and kept me turning the next page well past my bedtime. I enjoyed watching Jackie and Elijah’s lives intersect by more than chance, and I believe you will enjoy it, too!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

About the Author: Kimberly Woodhouse

Kimberley Woodhouse is the best-selling and award-winning author of more than a dozen books. She is a wife, mother, author, and musician with a quick wit and positive outlook despite difficult circumstances. A popular speaker, she’s shared at more than 2,000 venues across the country. Kimberley and her family’s story have garnered national media attention for many years including ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Montel Williams Show, Discovery Health channel’s Mystery ER, The Hour of Power, The Harvest Show, and over 1,000 other TV appearances and radio interviews. She lives and writes in Colorado with her husband of twenty-five years and their two amazing kids. 

If you are a bit of a Pony Express nut, like me, and you tend to also be a romantic, then you must give this book a try!

God bless and happy reading!


Book Review: This Healing Journey and a Giveaway!

We’re getting well into summer here in the Midwest, and it’s time to start dusting off your TBR stacks for all those road trips and remote getaways! Or maybe you are looking to enhance your staycation by having a stack of books nearby to help you relax.

Either way, I have a lovely book for you today set in the beautiful mountains of Montana in 1880. The scenic setting and well-crafted story combine to make a mini-vacation for anyone who loves Christian historical fiction. Keep reading to discover more about the book, its author and my full review.

Psst…there’s a giveaway at the bottom of the page!

About the Book

Book: This Healing Journey

Author: Misty M Beller

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: July 18, 2019

This Healing Journey Cover

The mountain wilderness of her family’s home in the Canadian Rockies is all Hannah Grant has ever known. Now at the age of twenty-four, she’s on a journey to help her father to find the son he gave up for adoption three decades before. This is Hannah’s chance to discover the life she’s missed out on so far—and hopefully find a husband along the way. But she certainly doesn’t plan to fall for the first man she meets.

Years in the Calvary provided Nathaniel Peak with more than his share of violence and adventure. That life behind him, he wants nothing more than to settle down in the beautiful Montana mountains and raise his own stock—in peace. The last thing he expects is the savagely wounded child who shows up in his barn. Nor the woman he comes to rely on for the girl’s care.

Hannah can’t help but fall in love with the brave Indian child who so desperately needs her, but no matter what, she can’t let herself fall for the man whose past choices go against everything she believes in. As the situation grows worse, Hannah and Nathaniel are forced to make a heart-rending decision to save the girl’s life. Little do they imagine, the choice they make could spell disaster for them all.

Click here to purchase your copy.

My Thoughts

This Healing Journey pulled me immediately into the story. Being the seventh book in a series, there are a lot of characters to get to know, but I enjoyed every single one of them. The setting was picturesque. The romance was slow, sweet and realistic. And the journey Hannah and Nathaniel face together while trying to do what God has called them to do is suspenseful and heartwarming.

I enjoyed watching both Hannah and Nathaniel try to balance their dreams with the calling God placed on their hearts. It was encouraging to see them frequently turn to God in prayer to guide them along their journey–which was definitely not without risk to themselves!

I absolutely adored Hannah and wish she could teach me how to live in the mountains! She is tough when she needs to be, but has the broadest, softest heart. She is a true servant of Christ and is always finding ways to help others even at her own expense.

Nathaniel is a typical handsome hero, but he has a tender side that really makes him swoon worthy. The care and responsibility he applies to the child left in his care is endearing. And I love how his favorite things about Hannah have nothing to do with her looks and everything to do with her inner strength and her compassionate heart.

It was a pleasure to follow along on Hannah and Nathaniel’s journey and watch them grow together as they worked to save the wounded girl. I will add that I haven’t read the other books of the series, and I never felt like I was lost in the story. So, don’t hesitate to try this book as a stand alone. (Catch it on the presale here.) It’s a wonderfully told story!

I was given a copy of this book by Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.

About the Author


Misty M. Beller writes romantic mountain stories, set on the 1800s frontier and woven with the truth of God’s love.

She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. Growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and children now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.

More from Misty

Occasionally I hear readers debate about whether they prefer to read a series of books from an author, or only standalone novels. Personally, I love series—both reading and writing them. There’s something about seeing characters I know and love from past books that makes me warm and happy inside. Can you relate?

One of the first series I wrote, the Mountain Dreams Series, included five books that told the stories of several families intertwined through marriage and God’s connections. Those characters are still so dear to my heart! When book 5 ended, I had so many readers ask for more in the series, I began dreaming of a spin-off series with a very special connection to the hero in book 5. Enter: the Heart of the Mountains Series.

I’ve LOVED every story in this 7-book collection, taking each journey with the characters as I laughed and cried and uncovered their secrets. For the final 7th book, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m reuniting many of the characters from BOTH series! Simeon Grant (from Heart of the Mountains, book 1) goes on a journey to find the son he gave up for adoption as an infant (the hero in Mountain Dreams, book 5).

This Healing Journey has its own leading lady, Hannah Grant (the baby born at the end of This Treacherous Journey, all grown up and as tough as any lady raised in the Canadian mountain wilderness). And a new character, Nathaniel Peak, who stars as the hero (and who I fell in love with IMMEDIATELY!).

Even if you’ve never read any of my stories, I think you’ll enjoy this one. Especially if you love adventurous mountain stories as much as I do!

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I hope you enjoy Misty’s story as much as I did. Happy reading and God bless!


Book Review: More Than Words Can Say

I had the opportunity to read Karen Witemeyer’s newest book this week, More Than Words Can Say, as a member of her launch team, and it was a real treat! I’ve been a fan of Karen’s books since I read her first novel, A Tailor Made Bride. I love her sweet romances, but I also enjoy how she interweaves scripture and spirituality into her stories. One of the reasons I love reading Christian fiction is using a character’s story to reflect on my own life.

More Than Words Can Say definitely didn’t disappoint in any category. After meeting the grumbly Zacharias Hamilton in the first book in the series, More Than Meets the Eye, I was excited to see what adventures he would stumble into after going his own way. Getting to know Zach on a deeper level left my heart aching for him, but also kept me cheering for him until the end.

I was provided a free copy of the book by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.


After fulfilling a pledge to a dying friend, Zacharias Hamilton is finally free. No family entanglements. No disappointing those around him. Just the quiet bachelor existence he’s always craved. Until fate snatches his freedom away when the baker of his favorite breakfast bun is railroaded by the city council. Despite not wanting to get involved, he can’t turn a blind eye to her predicament . . . or her adorable dimples.

Abigail Kemp needs a man’s name on her bakery’s deed. A marriage of convenience seems the best solution . . . if it involves a man she can control. That person definitely isn’t the stoic lumberman who oozes silent confidence whenever he enters her shop. Control Zacharias Hamilton? She can’t even control her pulse when she’s around him.

When vows are spoken, Abigail’s troubles should be over. Yet threats to the bakery worsen, and darker dangers hound her sister. Can she put ever more trust in Zach without losing her dreams of independence?

My Thoughts:

More Than Words Can Say is a complete work of joy. From the adorable front cover to the witty, charming and sweet romance inside, it is completely irresistible. There aren’t many books that make me laugh out loud, but I confess to getting more than a few sideways glances from my coworkers as I read a few pages on my breaks. (Especially when Abby and Zach are discussing the details of their business proposition.)

This book will steal your attention from the first chapter as you get to know Abby’s oversized heart. And while the grumpy, introvert called Zacharias Hamilton may not seem a good match for the bubbly and optimistic Abigail, their unconventional marriage is full of enough respect and honor to make you sigh. Oh, and there will be sparks–and not just from the Fourth of July celebration.

The only disappointment is I reached the end, but I’m looking forward to reading Rosalind’s story in the next book in the series!

You can get an free excerpt and purchase your very own copy here.

Get to Know the Author: Karen Witemeyer

For those who love to smile as they read, bestselling author Karen Witemeyer offers warm-hearted historical romances with a flair of humor, feisty heroines, and swoon-worthy Texas heroes. A transplant from California, Karen came to Texas for college, met a cowboy disguised as a computer nerd, married him, and never left the state that had become home.

Winner of the HOLT Medallion, ACFW Carol Award, Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, National Reader’s Choice Award, and a finalist for both the RITA and Christy Awards, Karen is a firm believer in the power of happy endings. . . and ice cream. She also loves to reward her readers. Every month she gives away two inspirational historical novels to someone from her newsletter list and offers substantial bonus content on her website. To learn more about Karen and her books, or to join her subscriber list, please visit

I hope you will take a chance on Abby and Zach’s story! It will lift your heart and give you a mighty craving for some sticky rolls!

Happy reading and God bless,


Book Review: A Reluctant Bride

I finished reading Jody Hedlund’s newest book this week, A Reluctant Bride, and I was intrigued by how Mercy and Joseph fought against God’s will for their lives in different ways. Joseph was more like Jonah, he hopped on the first ship and sailed away from the task God put before him to work in a clinic in the slums of London. Whereas, Mercy was more like Moses–full of excuses of why she wasn’t suited for the life God had planned for her. It made me consider what obstacles I might put between myself and the will God has for my life. What am I missing out on because of my fear of losing control? Or being uncomfortable?

It’s easy to ask something of God. Wisdom. Health. Safety. There are many things we might petition the Almighty for as we sit on our knees. But what happens when it’s the other way around? When God asks something of you?

Do you ask respectful questions, like Mary? Or cast doubts on your abilities, like Moses? Maybe you are faithful, like Abraham. Or do you do an about-face and run away from God’s plans, like Jonah?

Giving ourselves freely to the Holy Spirit and allowing Him to direct our path isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. I am a self-proclaimed control freak. I like plans. I want to know things ahead of time. I don’t want to be surprised or caught unprepared. There are memories of moments in my life when I was caught off guard and found myself in the hot seat. My body flushed with heat, my heart pounding. I often left the situation feeling terribly embarrassed and reliving the moment for days (or weeks!).

But we don’t often do much work for God while living in our comfort zone. In fact, sometimes He wants us to be downright uncomfortable, clammy hands and all. He pushes us beyond what we believe we are capable of because He knows the truth. It isn’t our power that will accomplish the goal–it is His. If only, we would give ourselves freely to Him.

Although this isn’t one of my strengths, it is one of my goals to be a better servant for Christ. To close my eyes and extend my hand toward Him, knowing He will guide me through the unknown.

One of the wonderful side effects of reading Christian fiction, is taking a deeper look inside your faith while enjoying a good story. A Reluctant Bride definitely provides a masterfully told story interwoven with spiritual themes. It is currently available for presale here and will release on June 4, 2019. My full review can be found below.

I was provided a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own.


Living in London’s poorest slum, Mercy Wilkins has little hope of a better life. When she’s offered an opportunity to join a bride ship sailing to British Columbia, she agrees. After witnessing so much painful heartache and loss in the slums, the bride ship is her only prospect to escape a bleak future, not only for herself but, she hopes, someday for her sister.

Wealthy and titled Joseph Colville leaves home and takes to the sea in order to escape the pain of losing his family. As ship’s surgeon, he’s in charge of the passengers’ welfare aboard the Tynemouth, including sixty brides-to-be. He has no immediate intention of settling down, but when Mercy becomes his assistant, the two must fight against a forbidden love.

With hundreds of single men congregating on the shore eager to claim a bride from the Tynemouth, will Mercy and Joseph lose their chance at true love, or will they be able to overcome the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart?

My Thoughts:

A Reluctant Bride is a historical gem. The different settings are so beautifully crafted you can practically smell the slums of London or hear the sea birds at sunset aboard the Tynemouth or smell the pine trees as you set foot in Vancouver. It is a vivid world, to be sure.

The story of the brides recruited by the Columbia Mission Society is intriguing and quite an adventure for the poor women from the slums as well as for me! I could hardly wait to see what awaited them on their trip around the Horn as I devoured chapter after chapter and visited each port along the way.

Mercy is truly an angel with a heart bursting at the seams to aid any and all–no matter their social class. And although she thinks herself no better than a servant, she is a brilliant example of a servant of Christ. I cheered for her as I watched her mature in her confidence once she left the oppressive life of the slums.

Joseph is a most definitely a swoon worthy hero, with wealth and a title to boot. But it is his humble ability to leave his title behind in order to serve others that will steal your heart–and Mercy’s, too. Their chemistry simmers despite the difference in their backgrounds. And the gap in the classes only intensifies their romance as they try to put aside any feelings they have for each other for the sake of society’s opinion.

If you love a book rich with historical details that don’t bog down the story (or the romance), then you will enjoy A Reluctant Bride. I know I did!

About the Author: Jody Hedlund

Jody lives in central Michigan with her husband, five busy children, and five spoiled cats. Although Jody prefers to experience daring and dangerous adventures through her characters rather than in real life, she’s learned that a calm existence is simply not meant to be (at least in this phase of her life!).

Jody Hedlund is the author of over twenty historicals for both adults and teens and is the winner of numerous awards including the Christy, Carol, and Christian Book Award.

When she’s not penning another of her page-turning stories, she loves to spend her time reading, especially when it also involves consuming coffee and chocolate.

Be sure to connect with Jody to get the latest news on her books and details of the writing process:

Instagram: @JodyHedlund
Facebook: @AuthorJodyHedlund
Twitter: @JodyHedlund

God bless and happy reading,