The Maid of Ballymacool

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I have started looking forward to this time of the year. Not because I’m a huge St. Patrick’s Day fan, but because I know around this time, we will get a new Jennifer Deibel book! I’ve quickly fallen for her historical depiction of the people of Ireland and their often tragic stories. I’ve loved every single one! Please don’t make me pick a favorite! They are each so unique in their history and in their characters, they are all treasures for your bookshelf.

Here’s more about her newest release, The Maid of Ballymacool:

Title: The Maid of Ballymacool

Author: Jennifer Deibel

Publisher: Revell

Release Date: February 21, 2023


Brianna Kelly has worked at Ballymacool House and Boarding School since she was a wee girl and will likely die there. Despite a sense that she was made for something more, Brianna feels powerless to change her situation, so she consoles herself by exploring the Ballymacool grounds, looking for hidden treasures to add to the secret trove beneath the floorboards of her room.

When Michael Wray, the son of local gentry, is sent to Ballymacool to deal with his unruly cousin, he finds himself drawn to Brianna, immediately and inescapably. There is something about her that feels so . . . familiar.

When Brianna unearths an intriguing silver platter in the woods, she commits to learning its origins. Could the handsome newcomer hold the key? If so, their discovery could change everything.

Purchase your copy from Baker Book House or your favorite book retailer.

My Review:

The Maid of Ballymacool is a fantastic historical romance set in Ireland with a touch of a gothic feel to it. I have enjoyed all of Jennifer Deibel’s novels. She does an excellent job painting the landscape of Ireland and making you yearn for a visit to the Emerald Isle yourself!

The characters in this story are wonderfully thought out and grounded. From the secretive free-spirit of Brianna, the motherly nature of Finnuala, or the vengeful temperament of Magee, they all work together to make a beautiful story.

I loved the romance in this novel. It is sweet. It is slow-burn, and it is just right. Their love was not one made up of one romantic gesture after another but by serving each other with Christ-like love. Michael is a perfect gentleman by breeding but also by faith, and I love how he is willing to go against convention to use his name and circumstance to help others. He’s a keeper for sure!

Overall, I loved this novel and had a hard time setting it down. I wanted to know the answer to the many mysteries in the story, and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend you take a trip to Ballymacool with Michael and Brianna! 

I was given a copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions are my own.

I hope you all get a chance to visit Ballymacool this St. Patty’s Day!

Happy Reading and God bless!


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